About Motocross NitroEdit

Motocross Nitro is a popular game on and is featured in the top 10 games. You have 20 events to beat and conquer as you earn money and pull off different tricks. You can buy new bikes and unlock upgrades.

Introduction Edit

The main menu screen has your customized rider, as well as your customized bike.

When you click play, you have a level select screen.

You automatically do the tutorial first, and then you get the first taste of the level select screen.

First Levels Edit

The level select screen includes the 'Training' stage, 4 normal stages, and the 'Final'. Each stage, apart from the tutorial has three levels. The first levels is a 'Desolate Area' like level. The 'Sprint' levels are 'Desert Sunset' and 'Wasteland'. The 'Enduro' type level is 'Sandstorm'. There is also "Hillclimb' Levels, which include 'Avalanche' and 'Alpine Peak'.

Second Levels Edit

The second levels are 'Arena' like stages, where you race and do tricks in an Arena. There are 'Freestyle' races, which involve doing the most tricks as possible, and finishing your opponent. The levels are 'Arena', 'Nitromania', and 'Showdown'. Some second levels are also called 'Cross' type races. These are laps around the same course in an Arena as well. These races include 'MX Challenge' and 'Supercross'.

Third Levels Edit

The Third levels are a mix of most stages that you will have done before, and will test your skills. There is two 'Sprints', two 'Enduros' and a cross. The Sprints are 'Frozen Lake' and 'Ice Crossing'. The Enduros are 'Sandkings' and 'Quicksands'. The final level is 'MX Masters' which is a cross.