The character for Motocross Nitro is a standard biker. You can customize him/her by clicking on the rider option in the track menu.

Colors Edit

There are multiple colors you can make your characters suit. The following colors are blue, red, green, yellow, orange, black, white, and grey. These colors are the only colors available and none others are unlock-able.

Unlockables Edit

You can unlock different items that will help your character throughout your career. The different items availible for your character are the armored suit, pro training, and the nitro pack.

The Armored Suit Edit

The armored suit is unlocked and able to be bought after you complete the MX challenge in first place. What the armored suit is used for is to protect you from crashing too much. what this means is that you can tilt your bike or snowmobile more and be able to land.

Pro Training Edit

Pro training is unlocked after you complete the Supercross track in first place. Pro training is very important if you want to beat the game. It increases rotation speed and trick speed. Pro training can also help you land on your front or back tires.

Nitro Pack Edit

The Nitro Pack is unlocked after you complete Frost Bite in first place. When you purchase the nitro pack, you start out with a full bar of nitro on each track. This is very useful on any freestyle track. Aswell as other races.

Death Edit

When the player crashes or "dies", the player's character will be flung out in a rag-doll motion. As when you are thrown, the game automatically measures how far you are thrown. This gives you a headstart of boost when you respawn. The amount increases the further you are thrown.