Vehicles Edit

There is 5 different vehicles in Motocross Nitro. 4 vehicles are bikes and 1 vehicle is a snow-mobile. The weakest of the vehicles is named The Charger. This is the first bike you start out when you begin the game.

The second bike that is available with is called the Spark. The Spark is slightly better than the Charger and is up-gradable by unlocking nitro, power, and control upgrades. The third bike that is unlockable is called the Viper. The Viper Is much better that the Spark and also has unlockable upgrades. The last unlockable bike in the game is called the X-Fighter. The X-Fighter is the strongest,fastest, and most powerful bike in the game.
There is also a snowmobile that is able to be unlocked called the Viking. The Viking is a relatively fast vehicle used on snow tracks.

Customization Edit

You can customize your vehicles through the bike option on the course menu. You can customize the vehicle color and design, and number. Although a secondary colour, decals and wheel customization are all locked when you start === Colors === You can customize the color of your bike in three different places. You can change the colors of two body sections, and the tire rims. The colors available are red, blue, green, orange, yellow, white, black, and grey. === Design === You can customize the design of your bike on the bike menu. The following designs are flames, camo, animal print and fade. === Numbers === You can change the number of your bike through the bike menu. The following numbers are 1-16 === Rider === Aswell as the bike, you can customize the rider by clicking on the Rider title when choosing a level: When the title is clicked, it comes up with new armour, colour and new tricks to learn.